7 Tips to Feel Better
The simplest of things can honestly make a dramatic difference to your life. If you’re looking for some tips to lift your mood, feel better and be more productive, check out these 7 ideas!

1. Smile more.
Even if you don’t feel happier, or aren’t having that great of a day, try and find some reasons to smile. You’ll send off a more positive vibe, and trust me, you may not think it, but you’ll glow.


2. Brush Your Teeth
Every day. Morning and Night. Floss, rinse with mouthwash. I find it quite strange that such a small thing can really make you feel better! Look after your teeth, because when you smile, they’re one of the first things people see. Nicer teeth make you feel nice, and is great for your health. No more fillings!


3. Walk every day
Even for 10 – 20 minutes. Have a dog? Great! Live close to the beach? Beautiful scenery? GO FOR IT! Walking keeps you fit, makes you look great,and increases your energy. It’s also a great way to ease anxiety and depression.


4. Get your hair done every month
 Whether it be a simple cut and blow dry, or a treatment, find a salon you like, and make monthly appointment. Your hair will look better and feel healthier.


5. Drink lots of water
Water hydrates, fills you up, and may even stop you snacking. It is also great for your skin and complexion. You’ll find you will have more energy as well!


6. Wash your face morning and night
Even if you haven’t done anything strenuous, or worn heavy make up, keeping your skin healthy and clean is a sure way to keep it looking great. It’s also nice to go to sleep at night feeling fresh.


7. Find the right beauty products
 Go to your local pharmacy/mall/drugstore and ask a friendly beauty consultant to help match your skin colour to a foundation. Ask for advice, and learn how to apply make up properly. Practice, and experiment with different looks (But keep it natural. Natural beauty is best!) My top 5 beauty products can be found here.


Do you have any tips to feel better? Leave them below!

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