5 Essential Beauty Products

Some of us will admit that our drawers are overflowing with unused, unopened, or expired cosmetics. I am guilty of buying all sorts of products I already have at home, or don’t even need, but just like the look of. However, sometimes, all you need are the basics. This list will ensure you have the perfect set to be ready for any day.

1. A good primer
I have been the victim of forgetting to prime. Without primer, your make up may not set properly, it may run or blotch. You would never paint black wall white without prepping it first, right? I recommend Rimmel Stat Matte Primer ($13.00 AUD) I find it helps my foundation stay on all day, as well give it a nicer, more natural finish (and no shine!!)

woman-girl-young-beauty2. Your perfect liquid and powder foundation

What I find works best for me is the same brand of both foundation and powder. They compliment each other, and are the same colours. You can go to your local pharmacy/department store, and a friendly beauty consultant can help match you to your colour. Make sure you don’t go too dark, or too light. I use Revlon Colorstay Liquid foundation ($25.oo AUD) first, and then use over the top the Revlon Colorstay pressed powder ($34.00 AUD).

3. A neutral eyeshadow palette

Gone are the days when a blue eye shadow was the must have accessory on a night out! These days, you can go from day to night, even with the simplest of colours. A neutral, light colour can set you during the day to run errands, and is easily complimented at night with a darker colour to blend. I honestly never use anything else. A suggestion is Coastal Scents 28 neutral palette ($24.99 AUD), or Two Faced Natural Eyes ($58.00 AUD)pexels-photo

4. A simple red lipstick

A red lip can bring you from the day, into the night. It’s simple, classy and timeless. Sometimes, I can get even get away with wearing red lipstick to business or job interviews. You want to find the right shade for your skin tone, and ensure it is long lasting, so you’re not reapplying it every half an hour (which is totally annoying!) MAC  ($36.00 AUD), have an amazing matte lipstick that I find lasts forever! I also wear Yves Saint Laurent ($55.oo AUD), which smells SO GOOD! I find however that it doesn’t stay on as long.

5. Long Wearing, smudge proof mascara

You want a mascara that doesn’t end up underneath your eyes by the end of the day. I’ve found that this happens with lots of brands, however, when I tried Maybelline Volum’Express ($13.96), it was the one brand that did the least amount of smudging. My other favourite, that I absolutely love, is the Estee Lauder Double Wear Zero Smudge Lengthening Mascara ($40.95 AUD) It gives my lashes so much more length, as well as being smudge free!


If you have any suggestions for your top favourite must have beauty products, leave them below!

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